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We do things a little differently...


Taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and from the fast-paced energy of Fitness Training, we have PILATES. 

Delivered at Boutique Studio, this is Pilates with a twist and a turn to sculpt and tone. Strengthen the core, back while improving posture and flexibility.


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Winning formula

1. Studio

Focusing on small group pilates the dedicated studio offers Private and Semi-Private Pilates matwork.  Enjoy working out in a stress-free environment and having a good time while sculpting and toning?   

2. Experience

Everyone is Welcome! Although due to the nature of pilates we do recommend that first, you part-take in one-one coaching to bring you up to speed so that you don't feel left out in the cold in a class. Although the instructors will look after you every step of the way with being able to tailor the workouts to individuals, We have your best interests at heart and want you to have the best experience possible.  The class sizes are small so that we can focus on the 8 principles of Pilates.  Concentration, Breathing, Alignment, Flow, Precision, Integration, Control and Centering.



"If your Spine is inflexible at 30 you are OLD. If your spine is Completely free at 60 you are young."  Joseph Pilates 

What people Say
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"Courage is taking the first STEP!"



To The Mat and Beyond

Pilates Matwork 



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To The Core

Getting to the route of an injury or niggle that just seems to be hanging around and not going away.

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Private Training

Bespoke One-2-One

You want the full experience of pilates with the flexibility to work around a busy lifestyle. 

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Motivates Moves and Heals 


Matwork Membership

Matwork Drop In (Single Session)

Matwork 1 Sessions per Week

Matwork 2 sessions Per week

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