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30 Day Shape UP Challenge

You've Asked This Before, But This Time The Answer is Different


What is the Best way to Get in Shape?

Yoga? Running? Weights?

The Answer is always the same. You'll get in shape doing pretty much anything you can stick to and every form of exercise has its benefits. 

What makes 30 Day Shape Up so special is that it gives you the perfect amount of exposure to Group Fitness that will help you move better and fitness work that will make you feel better. 


30 Day Shape UP Challenge

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What you get on the 30-Day

Shape Programme

12 Beautifully Designed Training Sessions:

Delivered under the guidance of one of our world class trainers, our programme is so elegantly designed that anyone can get started and achieve amazing results from our facility in Slaithwaite. We simply tweak the programme to suit each individual meaning everyone gets our best work from the off. You deserve our BEST and that's what we give.

Access to our classes:

Love the feeling of getting in shape? our classes complement personal training, so if you want to put your results into superspeed you can take advantage of our class schedule.

Daily Support Your Coach

Our support and advice is always on hand when you need it most and our daily accountability checks mean that you can always feel in control and on track

Weekly group training sessions

For you to burn a few extra calories - Supercharging your results whilst learning skills you previously called impossible 

All Available for £121

30-Day Shape: 

Frequantly Asked Questions:

Where do the sessions take place?

Our private training facility In Slaithwaite is completely designed for creating Increadible "Body Transformations" using fun and rewarding training techniques.

What does my £121 buy?

  • 12 Training Sessions delivered in our private training facility. Semi-private training has all the benefit of personal training but delivered in small groups.  

  •  A nutrition coaching sessions, a bespoke nutrition plan and meal plan too of that's what you and the coach decide will help, our goal is to help you find a sustainable way of eating but deliver incredible fast results.

  • Access to our daily support forum: We'll ask you every day how you're getting on via our incredible support community facebook group every single day that you're with us you can connect with the coaching team who can help you stay on track.

I'm worried I'll be the most unfit person there:

Iys not about your start point,its aboout where yo are going. Everyone starts with the same worry, but spend 30 minutes with us and you'll see that all of our team and members want you to succeed our culture is on supporting each other to succeed and regardless of your strting point you'll very quickly feel at home with us.

Wait is'nt £121 a bit EXPENSIVE?

HMMM not really. Most classes in the Huddersfiled are between £5 - £8 per session

With us you get a personalised training programme the sessions are delivered by world class trainer, you get accesss to classes, access to nutrition programme and nutrition coaching.

What we offer is incredible value for money on our very biased view and deliver truly life changing RESULTS.

But I cant afford £121- Is there still something i can do?

Yes we have an amazing referal incentive so if you bring a friend you'll (both) make a nice saving on the FEE of £31 Each.

I'm still not sure can i ask some questions?

Of course -Head to our face book page and send us a message

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Real People Real Results

Clare Green

“Since I started training, I stopped smoking and drinking beer. All I look forward now is to my work out with FitterFaster.”

My fitness has increased and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to run, complete more core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session.

Everton Thomas

John Hirst

 Since Joining I've met many new people and accomplished things I never thought possible, from a simple pull up to a 30-mile ultra marathon.



I have trained with Nigel and Fitter Faster for the past 4 years, every session is motivating, different and challenging. We work in small groups with tailored sessions, I look forward to each workout every week.

Mark Bamber

“These workouts helped improve my physical strength as well as my balance and flexibility. I feel stronger and healthier than ever I have never felt or looked better.”


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"Courage is taking the first STEP!"

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Group Fitness

Move Better - Train Smarter

Group Fitness is training designed to help our member cover come there weakness. By building strength, endurance and above all confidence to tackle obstacle of day to day life. 



Mini Warriors

Step on the wild side

Mini Warriors isn't just for adults. Mini / Teen Warriors is the place to be to challenge your child in a Fun and supportive environment. 

Build confidence, Improve coordination and establish a sense of accomplishment.




Obstacle BootCamp

Trail Blazers 

Obstacle Boot Camp is training like no other. Be prepared for a full body workout as part of a team or single challenges. The ideal way to get into shape for your first Tough Mudder, Spartan or Total Warrior


Be warned Its Highly Addictive




Drop In (Single Session)




2 Session per Week


Couples Training Unlimited (2 Adults)


Wondering why our prices are more than a Local Gym? The easy answer is that our level of commitment to coaching and support is on pair with Personal Training but at a fraction of the cost.




Unit 4

Upper Mills 

Canal Side





Monday - Friday

6:30 -12:00,  18:00 - 20:00

Saturday 10:15 - 12:00

Sunday Closed 




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